A duchovny is a dutch oven that results in vomiting.
He farted as her head was under the duvet. She duchovnyed and was sick all over the bed.
by r2builder July 21, 2010
Top Definition
The act of creating a dutch oven that results in the person being put in the oven puking all over the person that created the oven originally.
Joe farted under the sheets repeatedly after eating refried beans and burritos repeatedly while his GF Jill got ready for bed. When Jill returned, Joe pushed her under the sheets and held them over her. Jill proceeded to puke all over Joe. It resulted in a nasty Duchovny.
by Duchovynator July 21, 2010
duchovny - Is a word that describes pure sexyness, and pure beauty, the very essence of love, it is also used to describe the most leet, and own, pure OP jank that can be. Duchovny - is a derivative of David Duchovny who is well known as the single most sexy, and crazy leet OP actor/man in this entire universe.
Oh my smooth, look at that duchovny hunter, he is so OP.
Wow that crit was duchovny.
by Kiyka April 29, 2008
A term describing something that is worthy of disdain; of or relating to a lower class or caste; lowbrow; as in David Duchovny.
It was so Duchovny of Gordo to get drunk at the bar and grab that Scarlett belle's ass when leaving.
by Honanboss August 24, 2006
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