The biggest hick town you could ever visit. Loaded with drama and dusche bags. Not much to do there except party and drive around.
Have you ever been to Duchesne? Its definately somewhere i wouldn't want to live!
by Twinkle toes, who knows March 17, 2009
Top Definition
By far the greatest freshman dormitory at Boston College, located on the beautiful Newton Campus in Newton, MA. It has two wings: East and West, with a study lounge in the basement for quiet study and plenty of green lawn for outdoor activities in the spring. It is just down the hill from the Newton Campus dining hall, Stuart Building. It is affectionately referred to as

"the Duche", although this term has been banned by current Residential Dean, Mannuel Vasquez.
"Hey you go to BC? What dorm hall are you living in?"
"I'm living in Duchesne"
"No way! I lived on Duche West freshman year, those guys know how to have a good time!"
by itsbeanawhile November 01, 2009
a really shitty school in st charles in which everyone sucks at sports almost as much as they suck dick. everyone is a douche, hence the name.
pronounced DOUCHEenne
-are you from duchesne?
-youre a chode
by jackwhokicksass October 17, 2013
the act of food consumption while simultaneously passing a bowel movement
Ryan just got home from a long day of work in which he skipped lunch and had severe cabbage ass

"Man I got the mud butt but this chalupa looks too damn delicious. I can wait, no! Fuck it I'm just gonna duchesne this bitch. YOLO!"
by superdeluxechocolatebear January 05, 2013
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