The act of four or more people shitting on one persons chest. A cross between bukkake and a Cleveland Steamer.
Shit dog, that girl was real messed up. She loves getting ducatied!
by taintlicker September 23, 2014
1. A motorbike, possibly the best in the world, other than Harley Davidson.

2. It's an italian word. It means 'Shit my pants on two wheels.'
Whoa man, did you see that!?


A ducati!


This chick flashed me.

Whoa man, we gotta get ourselves one of those.

The power of Ducatis and boobs.
by Sha-Na-Na-GaGa January 08, 2010
The sexiest Graalian
Ducati if the sexiest Graalian
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
Great bikes, but the engines are less reliable than the chevy on blocks in your neighbors driveway. Broken rocker arms, specific tools, broken crankshafts, electrical problems. I would get one if I had a full time mechanic. Aprilia is the way to go, Italian flair the smart way, they specd everything good aviable STOCK. ROTAX!
My 912ie Duacti broke a crankshaft.
by MilleJohn February 21, 2005
sure it preforms well, but why - you can buy a japanese bike which outpreforms it in everyway for about 1/2 to 1/3 the price
-yeah my 999 is fast cost 30000 dollars though
-too bad my zx10r will smoke it out corner underweigh it and cost 11 grand oh did i mention it will last longer and repairs and parts are cheaper not to mention there are serious aftermarket parts like turbos
by datsunface October 05, 2004
A motorcycle sought out by pretentious assholes who prefer wine to Jack Daniels. They hope that the Ducati is a conspicuous indicator of their riding ability along with their Victoria's Secret color coordinated soft leather suits. Unfortunately, the Duc, on the rare instances it will run, is a badge and incident of a lame ass pretender who knows absolutely nothing about motorcyles. They are made by a filthy subspecies of European -- the only ones on the continent who admired the fucking Nazi's.
A gay bar is to a Ducati like a bright light is to a bug.
by Hoze December 17, 2004
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