A bike of pure engineering design simplicity.
Intended for racing & competition NOT for your everyday road riding puke.
It is designed to be regularly stripped serviced & inspected.
It is designed to be riden hard & often NOT left as a dust collecting Latte shelf.
A pig of a bike in unskilled hands, A class winner for REAL riders.
Desmodronic valve actuation - totally accurate control of valves.
by Richard Bruce February 15, 2005
Top Definition
Ferrari of motorcycles. The only manufacturer to produce motorcycles with desmodromic valves. They don't need those flashy japanese color schemes that change every few months. Check out www.ducati.com
Ducati bitchslapps Harley anytime!
by DesmoFreak July 17, 2003
Legends on wheels. Makers of the finest, fastest and sexiest two wheeled machines ever!
Have a look on www.ducati.com
by Mortuus February 02, 2004
A two wheeled money pit, sexy beyond words, enough to drive a normal person insane with lustful passion, and to empty any wallet. Universally despised by the larger motorcycle community that can't afford to own one.
Ducati bikes are practical, reliable, and affordable, and people never spend any money to customize them.... NOT!
by LAZYDUC April 23, 2007
A great motorcycle manufacturer that is disliked by the majority of the biking community, simply because the majority of the people who buy them tend to only see them as status symbols.
"yo bill!, guess what bike Tom Cruise bought!"

Bill "let me guess, a Ducati, Mv Agusta or a Harly"

Me "how do you know?"

Bill "because there the most expensive"
by overlord2 November 28, 2009
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