dubya: A slang term generally referring to an especially bad case of incompetence in an important job.

1)someone who has progressed to a position in life well beyond their competence.

2)someone in a position of great authority and responsibility whose simplistic notions of complex issues lead to disasterous results.

3)someone who stubbornly sticks to ideas that do not work. Also, someone who stubbornly and irrationally remains loyal to people that have fubared their jobs.

4)someone incapable of realizing when their ideas (or the ideas of others that they have put in place by virtue of their authority)are producing results contrary to the goals set or even sanity. Stubbornly sticking with such ideas. Also, an actioned idea with said results that nonetheless continues to be pursued with vigor.

5)a person in a position of leadship who takes his organization or country down a financial path that would otherwise require he or she get credit counselling on an urgent basis.

6)someone in a position of authority who believes he/she is the "decider" or some other description of what a leader should be, constantly asserts this, but is really being manipulated by subordinates for the subordinates personal agenda and exersize of power.
1)The 43rd president of the United States of America is a dubya of monumental proportions.

2)The new CEO of our company has a dubya like grasp of our business.

3) why would the board of directors elect a dubya to run the company? It is incomprehensible.

4)What a dubya. He came in with ideas many people believed in, but that everyone now realizes, under the circumstances, just aren't working; they aren't apprpropriate, yet he keeps pursuing them. This is a disaster, and its only getting worse.

5)She is a confirmed dubya when it comes to the finances of this company. We are sinking fast and instead of bailing, she is taking on more ballast. She can't retire fast enough to save us.
One of several nicknames for the 43rd President of the United States, Mr. George W. Bush. (Keep in mind, this is a definition, not a personal opinion as to the policies of Mr. Bush. This is UrbanDictionary.com, not the "Rant and Rave" journal).
"People 'round here call me Dubya." --Dana Carvey from "The Master of Disguise."
by Postman January 25, 2005
America's Thatcher.
Dubya's got two more years. Thank God for 4 year terms, and 2 term maximums.
by Jambalaya Joe August 30, 2005
Dubya refers to George W. Bush, as it is the Texan way of pronouncing his middle initial.

Ironically, this nickname he has adopted was coined by the liberal political writer Molly Ivins.
Republican: Dubya's got my vote!

Democrat: No way I'm voting for dumbsh... er, Dubya.

Remember, a vote for Nader is a vote for Dubya! And yes, Molly Ivins did coin "Dubya", and I'd know, so don't delete this definition
by Ober June 01, 2004
Noun: Colloquialism used to refer to an individual who shares any of the following characteristics with the United States 43rd President:

1/ Is educationally subnormal

2/ Is incapable of using basic English

3/ Has an armadillo fetish

4/ Believes themselves to be the second coming of our lord Jesus Christ (amen)

5/ Someone who severely over-uses the phrase "God Bless America! (and fuck everyone else)"

6/ Someone with the perpetual look of a confuzzled muppet on their face

7/ Someone who cannot rationally debate with their 5th grade teachers about Evolution and Charles Darwin, yet feels the needs to argue with them anyway

8/ Someone who feels obliged to systematically nuke every developing country that didn't send the U.S. a Christmas card last year

And so the list goes on...
"Did you know Cletus' front porch collapsed yesterday? Killed 15 dogs. What a Dubya."
by Gnostic_Neo January 23, 2007
1) Nick-name for the war-mongering, incompetent, facist tool that somehow managed to usurp the United States Presidency two terms in a row from 2002-2008.

2) An idiot from Maine who's claimed Texas residency for most of his adulthood because of Texas doesn't have a state income tax. Having a summer home/ranch (whatever) in Crawford DOES NOT make one a Texan.

3) A political puppet who's mindlessly tossed the Bill of Rights in the toilet, murdered hundreds of thousands of people, and caused all manner of suffering for millions of others.
Dubya's grasp of the English language is pathetic enough to make a four year old groan!
by Lurking_n_Darkness February 07, 2008
Twat. Full stop. Not a lot else to say really.
"You never know what your history is going to be like until long after you're gone." —Dubya, Washington, D.C., May 5, 2006

"Twat." -Casual observer.
by Jizzers Crust June 20, 2006

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