Usually referring to the former 42nd - 43rd U.S President of the United States of America known as George W. Bush. Typically hated by anti Americans and Europeans who are also anti American, W. saved millions of Iraqi people from being oppressed by their dictator Saddam Hussein. When comparing W. with the left wing socialist idiot named Barrack Hussein Obama, the unemployment rate was half of what it was for 2009. W. is also more accomplished than the left wing socialist idiot named Barrack Hussein Obama. W. was governor of Texas twice and comes from an equally successful family who were pro American. Meanwhile, the socialist left wing idiot, and 44th U.S President as well as anti American, Barrack Hussein Obama has roots which are far to the left and are not pro American.
Dubya had an unemployment rate of under 6% while under Obama, the rate is over 10%. That is the worse since another loser Democrat was in office named Carter. He was another loser left wing socialist who was a one term president.
by Marquis D. Canaday November 09, 2009
root: george 'w' bush. characterized by a series of poor decisions that result in significant losses for those in need and significant gains to the already rich. Example: in blackjack, dealer shows 6, 3rd base player takes a hit on 16, gets a 2, then hits again, resulting in a bust, dealer gets a 5 on his 16.
way to go a$$, you really dubya'd that hand.
by Dale Kim June 13, 2008
A softball team in the sports outlet, glendora, sunday 5pm league now known as Diversified Rack and Shelving. The team has been in operation since 2005, and is considered a reestablishment of the THers, the first organized softball team from the current ownership group.

The team plays home games at "The Swamp" a rather low and humid corner of Hartford Crossings Park. For several early years the team played all of its games on the road.

Starting in 2007 the Dubyas gained major sponsorship(the Dubyas began, as did the THers, w/o a major sponsor and leaned on the players for yearly fees.), the team from then on would be known as Diversified Rack and Shelving.

During the first year of sponsorship the team changed its colors as well, going from the UPS brown and white scripted 'Dubyas' to the green and orange of the U with block letters. The following year the colors changed to navy blue and white, and then changed again in 2009 to Texas Tech red and black (it must be noted that in preseason planning for the Dubyas five year anniversary, the idea of bring back the brown and white jerseys and introducing a team slogan 'going back to brown and not fucking around' was considered before the red and black was ultimately chosen).

The team now is one of the elite teams in the division and are well know for their excellent defense, superb pitching and slugging ability. Older teams in the league are on record with statements such as "these guys can hit","this is a strong team", "young team, good hitters, great defense". Currently stocked with a strong starting lineup, above average bench lineup, and no nonsense coaches, this team should find success in 2010 and in the years to come.
Dubyas: A young and dangerous softball team with beers and lots of jokes
by KBaugh August 23, 2009
A slang term for Marijuana. The "Dubya" comes from the first letter in weed.
Big Drew - "Yo dawg, you got any dubya on deck?"

Bill - "You mean some of that devil's lettuce?"

Big Drew - "You know it."

Bill - "Roll on through."
by Sauce Daddy January 23, 2014
The nickname of George W. Bush. He screwed up as much as many a President has, but people love blaming him for all their problems because he looks a bit like a monkey and isn't the sharpest knife in the cookie jar. Oddly, much of the United States had the strange notion to re-elect someone they considered to be the bane of their existence. To this day, in spite of their current President failing to help in these troubled times, everybody still spits upon our previous President's name.

Person 2: You made fun of our former President, you must have a lot of experience in politics and economics!

Repeat, with person 2 saying person 1's line and person 3 saying person 2's line. Then 3 to 4, 4 to 5, etc.
by liger03 October 14, 2010
Derogatory slang term for George W(Walker) Bush differentiating the 43rd president from his father George Herbet Walker Bush the 41st president. This is the way people assume people from Texas pronouce the letter "W". Partially the use of Dubya was making fun of the way people from Texas especially George W Bush speak with subtle inference that Texans are slow or dumb. This is a common stereotype for those in the southern states of the Union and has generally plagued presidents from the south from both the Republican and Democrat party.
"Dubya sucks". Or "Dubya for president 2004".
by J.R. Ordwig August 06, 2008
What George W. Bush frequently says or is thinking in his mind while brandishing his almighty personal presidential sign by holding up only the pointer, middle, and ring finger in the air.
The monkey man steps out of the plane into the bursting sunlight and diminishing crowd (They thought someone like Chuck Norris was going to come out). He looks up, overwhelmed at what he sees and thrusts his arm out in demand, his pointer, middle, and ring finger sticking up forming the number 3. "Dubya!" he shouts.
by ThePrincessEater December 29, 2007
Also so known as George W. Bush, and 50% of of his campaign. If you happen to be in Crawford, Texas when you say this, George will appear.
Man: "Dubya".
George shows up shouting "VETO!!!!!!!"
by Lily Miera January 29, 2008

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