1.Some incompetent asshole.
2.The person who started this whole fucking 911 thing.
3.Would be a burger-flipper or a Tim-Tart if it weren't for his daddy's connections.
-Hey! Dubya! I said JUST CHEESE!
-*goes silent and cries in his corner cause hes an idiot*
by x-blink-a-holic-x February 24, 2005
Usually referring to the former 42nd - 43rd U.S President of the United States of America known as George W. Bush. Typically hated by anti Americans and Europeans who are also anti American, W. saved millions of Iraqi people from being oppressed by their dictator Saddam Hussein. When comparing W. with the left wing socialist idiot named Barrack Hussein Obama, the unemployment rate was half of what it was for 2009. W. is also more accomplished than the left wing socialist idiot named Barrack Hussein Obama. W. was governor of Texas twice and comes from an equally successful family who were pro American. Meanwhile, the socialist left wing idiot, and 44th U.S President as well as anti American, Barrack Hussein Obama has roots which are far to the left and are not pro American.
Dubya had an unemployment rate of under 6% while under Obama, the rate is over 10%. That is the worse since another loser Democrat was in office named Carter. He was another loser left wing socialist who was a one term president.
by Marquis D. Canaday November 09, 2009
The second greatest president of my 48 years on Earth (1st is Ronald Reagan, of course). He kept this country protected from the terrorists and protected the little pussies like the ones on here bad-mouthing him. Semper Fi, President Bush! History will prove you right!
Dubya is a great patriot and protector of Americans... even the pussy liberals!
by zulu19 April 02, 2009
A president that everyone hates, but he isn't that bad. Most of the problems our country faces were already put in motion during previous elections. Also, he DID put our country in massive debt, but our country remains the #1 (this is a FACT) econmic power in the WORLD. Yes, we are still richer than China. What does this say? The whole world is in the shitter, not G Bush. Sure he wasn't the greatest president, but honestly, he wasn't that bad. Besides the pres hardly does anything. The fucking dipshit democrat congress does.
g bush isnt a bad guy. Dubya is just underratted
by trottingtree October 29, 2008
a middle aged, retarded, cantankerous son of a bitch who runs America

p.s. the liberals made up global warming to benefit the poor, think about it, and it'll make sense. Al Gore is just a retard who the liberals gave a dollar to to make a movie on global warming.
Voter 1: You votin' for dubya this year?
Redneck: Hell ya! Huw could he go un do rong?
Voter 2: Fuck no! I ain't votin for dubya he was a straight C student.
by n00b1 April 19, 2007
nick George W. Bush (Jr.) President of the United States 2000-2008
undermined repeatedly by liberal forces causing instability within the war efforts and foreign diplomacy. Usually used to degrade Bush Jr. on sites like this
"dubya is makin' a big ol' defict.. naw couldnt be free trade to china by Bill.. that dopent make us loose jobs"

"dubya sure is squirming in iraq gettin our boys killed for oil... good for us liberals cutting the war budget so the army has less armor they dont need it.. lets go drive our gas guzzling fords.. wait isnt gas made from oil?"
by ronden22 April 13, 2007
the best presidentever but green day an all you lil posers hate him...mainstream losers he didnt start the war in iraq so fuck off!!
dubya didnt start the war but l;il fags who listen ta green day think hge did cuz they are losers.
by m dog dd March 25, 2006
slang term for George W.(dubya) Bush. Dubya is kind of cowboy. which means he is not afraied to attack terrorists or declare wars to portect our nation.
"G DUBYA is the man."
"G DUBYA kicks alot of terrorist ass"
by USMC1234 February 16, 2005
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