1.Some incompetent asshole.
2.The person who started this whole fucking 911 thing.
3.Would be a burger-flipper or a Tim-Tart if it weren't for his daddy's connections.
-Hey! Dubya! I said JUST CHEESE!
-*goes silent and cries in his corner cause hes an idiot*
by x-blink-a-holic-x February 24, 2005
Someone who puts his country to shame
Three neurosurgeons, a german, a british and an american, are bragging about their achievements. The german: I removed half of a patients brain and he was able to go look for a job in 3 months! The brit: The last patient I lobotomized was able to join the army in less than six weeks. The american: I have a patient from Texas, Dubya, with no brain at all, and since he's in the whitehouse, one half of the nation is looking for a job and the other half is in the army!
by Friend Bin December 13, 2004
Dubya is George W. Bush. Aka dumbass, dickslap, shit for brains.
George Dubya is on TV.
by Doug April 12, 2004
Nickname For George Bush.
did Dubya make a speech today?
by Mozzie February 11, 2004
Noun- One who practically destroys the stockmarket, fights illegal wars, or turns America from a prospering country to millions of dollars in debt.
"We have reason to believe that all these countries have nooklalur weapons."
by Some Guy March 20, 2005
Referring to George W. Bush jr; 1. A characteristic of George W. Bush jr. For example, stupid, arrogant, uninformed, slow, ect. 2. A person of a extremely stupid or dumb nature. 3. An extremely right wing republican
Many people considered Tom a Dubya, especially when he went into rants about how America should "nuke the fuck" out of poor and troubling countries, like Iraq, Afgahnistan, Pakistan, North Korea, and others.
by K Novak January 29, 2005
the worst president America has ever had, and probably ever will have.
Hell, I may be a southerner, but we wern't all stupid ebnough to vote for Dubya!
by Mr Error 404 March 08, 2005

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