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Duby The God refers to an infamous hacker who goes by the name Zack Duby and is by far one of the most feared people behind a computer screen. He specializes in Jacking, DDoSing, Coding, Defacing, and Exposing. If you encounter Zack you should more than likely just lay low and let him do his thing or you are guaranteed a spot on his hack list. He feels no remorse for his actions and does not stress about the consequences one bit. Word to the wise would be to stay out of his way and try to make friends with him while not trying to make him angry at the same time.
Once some kid fucked with Duby The God and talked shit on him because he thought Zack was incapable of doing something but then Zack hacked his Facebook and posted pictures of the kid naked on it.
by ZacksVictim September 19, 2013