A dubtard is someone who listens to too much dubstep. Dubtarded is the adjective associated to a state of mind in which all normal flow of ideas in english or other language has been replaced by the wobble wobble whomp of dubstep. there are no more words, there is only dubstep. This person is a dubtard.

In a side note; it has the amazing property of killing kraut.
Kyle or anyone who listen to dubstep for an extended period of time would be considered a dubtard. just listen to a dubstep mix, or spin some dubstep for a few hours, or even just go to a show(recommended). You will be a dubtard. You will all be dubtards.
by kidneyswap August 17, 2010
Top Definition
An obnoxious individual who listens to crappy dubstep and proclaims that all the other genres of music suck. Is usually seen at Rusko shows with a backwards baseball cap and an abnormally large T-shirt.
Dubtard: "Yo dude, I was trippin' out to Borgore so hardcore last night."

Dubstep fan: "You're a fucking tool buddy."
by Gaylord Mornal February 28, 2010
A person who frequently listens to dubstep music but has as a result become retarded or mongoloid like. Dubtards usually hang out at raves where they communicate through a variety of noises or burps usually caused by nitrous balloons. These filthy party animals travel in packs and can be extremely dangerous.
Friend 1-"Dude Dylan keeps on screaming and burping at me, he is not making any sense."

Friend 2- "Oh its ok, he is just a dubtard bro and he is huffing so much nitrous too".
by river jameser April 29, 2011
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