Short for "dumb subby" or "dumb submitter". Originated on 2/20/2010.
Man gets away after robbing a Radio Shack. Which is odd, as dubby thought you had to give your address for every transaction
by Phil McKraken2 February 20, 2010
Top Definition
A word to describe your precious loved one, such as your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse. The word can only be used after a strong relationship has been formed between the couple, at least a year together.
Oh, I love you, dubby!
by SK79 December 31, 2010
Double Cheeseburger(s) with Mac Sauce from Micky D's. Usually hits the spot after school or a long day of work.
"Ay yo, we dippin after 3rd period today??"
"Hell yeah, lets go get some dubbies."
by CFizzle February 15, 2006
The art of one recieving a buzz cut hair style
Person 1- "Ah Dad I see you got a Dubby today!"

Person 2- "Yea I sure did son, it's important to stay 502 Dubby fresh"
by JSteele1 June 20, 2009
A free refill or complimentary second serving on a beverage in a restaurant. Most breakfast places offer this refill on coffee.
I don't go to that restaurant anymore, these cheap bastards don't even give dubbies on soda.

I was quite hung over and nearly bankrupt that joint thru abusive of their liberal dubbies policy on coffee.

Half Price Happy Hour Wings: Always Free Dubbies on Soda
by Johnny Cudovich October 26, 2007
yet another slang term for marijuana joints.
Dan- You got some of those dubbys man?
Junior- Ya, make sure you dont get taxed this time.
Dan- Sorry bra, but them girls were fat ass tita.
by Kailua boy January 31, 2004
A person (Dubbie) or persons (Dubbies) who listen to Dubstep.

Fans of Dubstep music.

Dubstep groupies.
This song is for all the dubbies in the place. D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-drop the bass!
by JelvlG December 13, 2011
Any man with a "W" as the first letter of his last name who insists upon playing COD, SOCOM, and Guitar Hero until he has effectively mastered them, and has taken to DJing at local dive bars where crack and meth are found in abundance, and clerks at a local convenience store for his day job
That dude is a Dubbies.
Dubbies is DJing tonight.
by apollopa September 26, 2011
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