A Dubba is a cute numma} frwend.
A Dubba dubba is the bigger furrier type of the
numma Fwrends. n.

To Dubba Dubba is to wander all around whatevering all over the place. v.
Look at the Dubbs - to a cute puppy.
Look at the Dubba! - same cute puppy. (n.)

No wonder you didn't find the shop you were too busy dubba dubbing everywhere.
by Lawdawg April 12, 2004
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Any size breast larger then a D cup.
Kate has dubba dubba's worthy of chloroform
by Mr. Lubba Lubba December 27, 2005
An indian (from India, not Native American). Pokes fun at the stereotype of the sounds in their language
A lot of dubba dubba's own 7-elevens.
by socitytable September 25, 2003

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