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‎20 dollars


noun- twenty inch rims and only twenty inch rims
ey! how bout' u give me a dubb
by someniggafromatl July 14, 2010
Short for W...

i.e. if you said WTH (what the hell) aloud you would say 'dubbs T H'...

by GeorgeousGal September 02, 2008
a dance: when two people dance and both are facing in the same direction allowing for the backside to be grinded.
"yo you know your girl gave me dubbs at your party last night"

by BabznShida January 11, 2008
Reference to Double-A Baseball, the level of minor league professional baseball before you get to Triple-A, then the big leagues.
Another ballplayer asks me where do I know this cat from, I tell him, "I know him from Dubbs."
by James Tomlin February 09, 2008
Another term for wigger{wigget]. One white male/female who has thrown themselves deep in the black urban culture of america. Gloryflied shouts and gestures in a rival nature.
This dub b is jockin them fools like hes Paul Wall!
by WCBANKROLL February 08, 2008
The second hit from a joint, blunt, or pipe
To do somthing second
I shot dubbs
I got dubbs
by Matty Reads November 07, 2006
there are many different types of dubbs also know as double chins.
side dubb. perma dubb. grandma hanging dubb. tripp. texting dubb. and many more.

they appear mostly when you are looking or lying down.
"wyatt, you have the biggest side dubb ever right now!" said gigi and elaina.

"my fat cousin has a perma dubb and it never goes away!!" said nan
by GALALALALLA April 10, 2009