Dub B - short for "White Boy". Dub (double-u 'W') B ('Boy')
"Oh hey guys, this is Dub B, he's from the other side of town."
by NJ DUB B February 18, 2010
Top Definition
Whenn Somethinq Isz Lookin Like It Should Be Curve ; An AssHole ; Some Thing That Is Lame ;
That Party`s Lookin Like A Dubb ;

He's A Fuxckin Dubb !!
by NickiiBaby May 01, 2009
When a girl grinds her ass all up on a guys dick while dancing, usually leads to him getting hard.
I seen that nasty trick dubbn on you at the party. Did you hit that?
by solice October 29, 2005
when something/one is lame ; or it should be CURVED ;

Mainly used around the New York & New Jersey areas .
Person`1 - Yo we going to that party tomorrow ?
Person 2 - Nahh , iThink its gonna be a dubb .

Person 1 - Yu friends with that girl over there ?
Person 2 - Nahh , that bitch is a dubb .

Person 1 - Why yu dubbed that girl
Person 2 - Cause she curved me first .
by Bang ! June 19, 2010
20 Inch Rims
Rollin' on Dubbs.
by Austin S. October 26, 2003
Dubb: A person who is not valid enough to go out with another person
friend 1: yo man wassup with u and larrisa?
Friend2: Nah man she a dub

friend 1: yo did u bang ashley?
friend 2: nah man i dubbed her shit.
by Nina3 March 17, 2012
‎20 dollars


noun- twenty inch rims and only twenty inch rims
ey! how bout' u give me a dubb
by someniggafromatl July 14, 2010
to ignore someone/ to be ignored
"wow, he really just dubbed me"
"it's okay, just dubb him back tomorrow so he can see how it feels."
by swagmaster__ June 08, 2015
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