a dance: when two people dance and both are facing in the same direction allowing for the backside to be grinded.
"yo you know your girl gave me dubbs at your party last night"

by BabznShida January 11, 2008
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Whenn Somethinq Isz Lookin Like It Should Be Curve ; An AssHole ; Some Thing That Is Lame ;
That Party`s Lookin Like A Dubb ;

He's A Fuxckin Dubb !!
by NickiiBaby May 01, 2009
When a girl grinds her ass all up on a guys dick while dancing, usually leads to him getting hard.
I seen that nasty trick dubbn on you at the party. Did you hit that?
by solice October 29, 2005
when something/one is lame ; or it should be CURVED ;

Mainly used around the New York & New Jersey areas .
Person`1 - Yo we going to that party tomorrow ?
Person 2 - Nahh , iThink its gonna be a dubb .

Person 1 - Yu friends with that girl over there ?
Person 2 - Nahh , that bitch is a dubb .

Person 1 - Why yu dubbed that girl
Person 2 - Cause she curved me first .
by Bang ! June 19, 2010
20 Inch Rims
Rollin' on Dubbs.
by Austin S. October 26, 2003
Dubb: A person who is not valid enough to go out with another person
friend 1: yo man wassup with u and larrisa?
Friend2: Nah man she a dub

friend 1: yo did u bang ashley?
friend 2: nah man i dubbed her shit.
by Nina3 March 17, 2012
Dub B - short for "White Boy". Dub (double-u 'W') B ('Boy')
"Oh hey guys, this is Dub B, he's from the other side of town."
by NJ DUB B February 18, 2010
1. Ebonics slang for 20 inch sized rims

2.A Czechoslovakian name that black people or wiggers think is funny to say in an ingnorant way.
1. Rollin' on some dubbs

2. Wigger trying to black himself up: Your last name is Dubbs? Yeah rollin' on dubbs

Me: I'm going to beat your fucking face in now.
by the rabid panda July 23, 2011

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