Nickname; Usually someone big
Him? oh thats DuB
by DuBsta July 10, 2008
A fool; usually uses words like dude, and man.
dub1: dude, your a dub
dub2: I know you are, but what am I?
by supahdub March 06, 2008
Word added to the initial of their first name to make them sound that more badass than they really are.
Name: Jeremy
Badass new name: J Dub.
by straightupsdub February 10, 2008
what boys say when girls dance and they want to grind
That girl Ashley is a dime piece. I want to dub with that hotty.
by kingle December 24, 2007
A white person, usually in reference to a male. "Dub" is slang for "W," as in "White." At times, used in a pejorative sense, such as when a girl of another ethnicity appears to be favoring white males over her own kind. Note that in such instances, the target of the ill will usually is not the white male so much as the female. Shortening of "GWG," or "G dub G," meaning "goofy white guy," as these are inevitably the kind that said ethnic girls favor, as opposed to pimpin' white guys or true ballers or players, who often are excluded from the term "dub."
"Look at her, all up on that dub. She's totally washed."
by Ethnie8523 December 13, 2007
A shortened term for the word "whore". Abbreviation written as 'W' for AIM.
"That girl is such a DUB"
by BossesChill November 13, 2007
A Brand name of rims on automobiles that are composed of chrome usually at 20 inch diameter. They are most commonly found on Cadillac Escalades, GMC Yukon Denalis, and Chevrolet Tahoes. DUB brand rims are in association with DUB magazine, and also in Rockstar Games such as Midnight Club 3: DUB edition
Yo i gotta cop me some dubs. My homie jamaul got 24" dubs they mad tight yo.
by John DICE March 31, 2007

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