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what boys say when girls dance and they want to grind
That girl Ashley is a dime piece. I want to dub with that hotty.
by kingle December 24, 2007
A white person, usually in reference to a male. "Dub" is slang for "W," as in "White." At times, used in a pejorative sense, such as when a girl of another ethnicity appears to be favoring white males over her own kind. Note that in such instances, the target of the ill will usually is not the white male so much as the female. Shortening of "GWG," or "G dub G," meaning "goofy white guy," as these are inevitably the kind that said ethnic girls favor, as opposed to pimpin' white guys or true ballers or players, who often are excluded from the term "dub."
"Look at her, all up on that dub. She's totally washed."
by Ethnie8523 December 13, 2007
A "Dub" is also a abbreviation for a Dublin man.
As in, Dublin, Ireland.
"I'm a true Dub"
"He's a true Dub wearing the blue"
by Mister Choco March 16, 2007
The word dub in recent years has taken on several different meanings. In the cocaine trafficking underworld, a dub is the street term for a bag worth $20 dollars. When referring to car rims, dub simply implies a minimum radius of 20".
When used in the musical context of a dj discussion, a dub is short for a dubplate, which is an acetate pressing of a record; although it is used in a loose sense and normally means 'an unreleased track'. However from a producer's standpoint dubbing can mean anything from adding sound, copying sounds, or omitting sounds from a recording.
1. The cops found a DUB on him.
2. I'm riding on DUB-DEUCES.
3. Have you heard that new DUB from dj so and so??
4. Yes i saw that anime, but i saw the ENGLISH-DUBBED version.
by dj lobotomy August 31, 2006
$20 bag of marijuana
echoey reggae without or with few words
i lit the dub while i listened to exodus, the dub version
by son of stalin March 30, 2003
Dried Up Boogers.
"Man, I have the worst case of dubs!"

"Check to see if my dubs are showing"
by BitchinButch February 05, 2013
Music that people enjoy and is very interesting
"Yo did you listen to those awesome (steezy) dubs last night?"
by BosSSsoB January 08, 2012