For the last time people, a dub = an eighth oz. of marijuana
And a half dub is the same thing as a half eighth.

Kids these days have misinterpreted the term "dub" to mean twenty dollars. This is idiotic. Don't make this mistake with seasoned dealers. But teenagers are making this interpretation the norm.
"yo, get me a dub of weed at the store." (usually $60 worth for danks)
by Pansykins February 16, 2012
short for white trash
the abbreviation of which is "WT"
further shortened to "W"
which is then chopped to just "dub"
Man that dub needs to take a shower." or "Shut up you stupid dub!
by Juliet Papa July 27, 2011
The manner of cupping ones vagina with their hand.
You had your hand down her pants all night, where'd ya get?

Fucken dub.
by LichKingBravo January 26, 2011
20 dollars worth of marijuana.
It is also Bud backwards.
I was waiting for a dub to come.
by Kulawend January 31, 2009
A double cheese burger form McDonald's
I'm hungry, I'm gonna rum to McDonald's and pick up a couple dubs and a fry.
by jackbone8100 October 16, 2008
A cigarette (Australian)
oi pass us the dub
by David1242 August 29, 2008
Nickname; Usually someone big
Him? oh thats DuB
by DuBsta July 10, 2008

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