1. A Dub: A person born in Dublin, Ireland.
2. DUB: The Internationally designated airport code for Dublin Airport, Ireland.
1. The beach was full of Dubs, down from Dublin for the weekend.
by Patrick Clarke May 19, 2007
Dub reggae is one of the only musics in the world, were the "programmer" or "mixer" is a part of the music.
Dub is a mysteric, special, poetic music genre.
Dub works like this:
A mixer gets a track, a song that others have made. (roots reggae). He uses his mixers, moduls and programming stuff to "dub" or "re-mix" the track with echos, reverb and instruments dropping in and out. Dub is allmost always instrumental, there can be like 3 or 5 words in a dub song normally.
Oh, King Tubby made a great dub out of that track!...
by Adam Ska April 08, 2006
v. take an original film, get rid of the backgroud music, voice, and sometimes sound effects too... then replace these items with your own. you are producing a dub
(dubs, dubbing, dubbed)

adj. (dubbed)

n. the product of dubbing
anime dubbed by americans sux shit
by the guy July 25, 2004
$20 bag of marijuana
echoey reggae without or with few words
i lit the dub while i listened to exodus, the dub version
by son of stalin March 30, 2003
For the last time people, a dub = an eighth oz. of marijuana
And a half dub is the same thing as a half eighth.

Kids these days have misinterpreted the term "dub" to mean twenty dollars. This is idiotic. Don't make this mistake with seasoned dealers. But teenagers are making this interpretation the norm.
"yo, get me a dub of weed at the store." (usually $60 worth for danks)
by Pansykins February 16, 2012
1. When guys 'double bag' for a girl
2. Poop
3. an unattractive, annoying, one-upper
4. When something goes wrong.

Also can be said as dubbed.
-Make sure you dubs for her.
-I need to go take a dubs.
-She is a dubs.
-I really dubbed on that sittuation.
by ksehealey15 August 03, 2011
short for white trash
the abbreviation of which is "WT"
further shortened to "W"
which is then chopped to just "dub"
Man that dub needs to take a shower." or "Shut up you stupid dub!
by Juliet Papa July 27, 2011

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