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to shove or stick down ones pants.
Oh my god. He just dubbed my sandwich
by omar T. wellington III July 10, 2008
5 9
Meaning stupid, lame, queer, sad, muffin, or scrub. Generally annoying person.
Chris was using lame jokes and laughing at them so he is a dub.
by TJ121212 April 16, 2008
15 19
"White Trash" shortened to WT, then to W (double-U), and then to "Dub".
All the dubs hang out by the snack machine at the high school.
by Lyn-Dog December 27, 2007
35 39
1. A Dub: A person born in Dublin, Ireland.
2. DUB: The Internationally designated airport code for Dublin Airport, Ireland.
1. The beach was full of Dubs, down from Dublin for the weekend.
by Patrick Clarke May 19, 2007
10 14
Dub reggae is one of the only musics in the world, were the "programmer" or "mixer" is a part of the music.
Dub is a mysteric, special, poetic music genre.
Dub works like this:
A mixer gets a track, a song that others have made. (roots reggae). He uses his mixers, moduls and programming stuff to "dub" or "re-mix" the track with echos, reverb and instruments dropping in and out. Dub is allmost always instrumental, there can be like 3 or 5 words in a dub song normally.
Oh, King Tubby made a great dub out of that track!...
by Adam Ska April 08, 2006
82 86
v. take an original film, get rid of the backgroud music, voice, and sometimes sound effects too... then replace these items with your own. you are producing a dub
(dubs, dubbing, dubbed)

adj. (dubbed)

n. the product of dubbing
anime dubbed by americans sux shit
by the guy July 25, 2004
29 33
The manner of cupping ones vagina with their hand.
You had your hand down her pants all night, where'd ya get?

Fucken dub.
by LichKingBravo January 26, 2011
2 7