To make a fool of; to troll
dub, dubed

1. Slang. Most commonly used in southwest Houston, 'dub' is shouted by any person after having successfully embarrassed the the victim. Can be used by the victim or bystander as well.

2. Slang. Often recognized by overlapping the middle and ring-finger, forming a 'W' with the hand.
Ex 1. Boy leans in to whisper to girlfriend
She leans away holding her nose "Gaaahh!"
His best friend sees all of this and promptly shouts "Ha! Dubed!"

Ex 2. As she walks out of the dressing room her friend asks "Did it fit?". Head hanging low she sighed "It dubed my fatass, hard.".
by TkPlez October 22, 2011
Dumb Ugly Bitch.
Guy 1- "Oh hey did you see that girl on Facebook?"
Guy 2- "Yeah shes cute on Facebook."
Guy 1- "What do you mean?"
Guy 2- "In person that girls a straight up DUB!"
by cc8394 May 18, 2011
A DUB is an acronym for an ugly friend that a hot girl would bring with her in order to make the hot girl look hotter by comparison. DUB stands for Designated Ugly Bitch. A DUB is the same thing as a 'grenade', as the people from the Jersey Shore would say.
Yo, those two girls over there are hot! But their friend is a DUB.
by chinaman93 May 17, 2011
A shortened term for white trash. Referring to those who have little to no care for hygene, play music very loudly in crowded areas, always smell of dense smoke, and makeout with girlfriends/ boyfriends in the general public. Dubs tend to populate quickly and at very young ages. not to be confused with redneck.
wow. that kid making out with his girl is such a dub.

why does it smell like smoke? dont worry its just the dubs.
by Granbury February 10, 2010
Any anime where the adio has been transferred into English instead of the traditional Japanese.
The dubbed version of DBZ is way better than the sub.
by Subber October 27, 2009
Acronym for Dumb Ugly Bitch.
Why hasn't that dub sucked your dick already?
by DubLover86 September 28, 2009
Dumb ugly bitch
My ex-girlfriend is such a DUB
by OhLea August 25, 2009

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