twenty, 20, can be used describing money, rims, etc
"Ridin on Dubs" {meaning} riding on twenties inch rims

by PRiNcE$$ TRiNi July 27, 2006
King Tubby (real name Osbourne Ruddock; b.1949, d.1981) was the dub pioneer and remix godfather. In the 1970s Tubby's sonic science transformed the way music was made and listened to in Jamaica and around the world. Studio boffins everywhere are in his debt.
'Tubby's right, with all the Drum & Bass ting now, dem ting just start by accident, a man sing off-key, an' when you reach a dat you drop out everthing an' leave the drum, an' lick in the bass, an' cause a confusion, an' people like it...we say "Yes, Tubbs, madness the people dem like it!"' (Bunny Lee, producer/mentor, contemporary of Tubby)
by JP January 21, 2005
first used to say 20. And then got changed to pot and rims
U got some crazy dubs on ur whip.
by jigga October 08, 2003
A Volkswagen. Short for Vee-Dub, taken from the abbrieviation of Volkswagen: VW.
Bill's GTI is one wicked Dub.
by Scoots November 19, 2002
When rappers record and after there verse they record the key words in there verse twice to make the words come out more
Yo Hurox and Swift are you gonna spit your dubs?
by Swift spits April 21, 2012
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