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Dub Club is One of the freshest things to be in. you ain't shit if you aint in Dub Club. if your too much of a bitch to join Dub Club you could join some low graded shit like D-13 or monstar
In Dub Club we go hard
by Dub nonomous April 19, 2011
Group of Volkswagen driving homosexuals who park their cars in the WalMart parking lot for any given amount of hours, and enjoy the vibrations of their numerous and inexpensive sub woofers.
Guy1: Hey John, do you think I should lower my car?

Outsider: Hey honey, look at those homos over there, they all have body kits touching the ground!
Girlfriend: Yeah honey, it's the dub club, they're here all the time.
by dubhater January 12, 2011
gathering of low HP VW cars. participants of the dub clup are often losers, high school drop outs, or jobless homos.
whats the noise? Its the roar of the fart cans from the dub club.
by DUBEATER January 10, 2011
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