When one has two video cards running in their computer via nvidia SLi or ati Crossfire.

Dude, my dualies(radeon 1950 Pro's) own your nvidia 7600.
by scott lefebvre November 25, 2006
Top Definition
The nickname for the duel Beretta M96's in Counterstrike.
"Duelies are for show. They suck really. Unless you're skilled."
by Dave April 12, 2004
(n.) the large double wheels found on the rear of heavy duty pickup trucks.
Dan's F350 would be sweet if it weren't for those ridiculous dualies on the ass.
by Meg December 16, 2004
(Doo-lee) A Hundred Dollar Bill. Made up of 2 Ulies. A Uly is a 50 dollar bill, named for Ulysses Grant who's face appears on it.
"Nigga, I bet you a dualy you cayn't jump that mu-fuckin' fence"
by Steve Jordan October 23, 2007
dualies- when a person has 2 of the same type of a gun in a video game.
nick: hey guys look i have dualies!
declan: did you just say dualies?
nick: sorry guys im a faggot
by nickh2310 May 30, 2011
Testicles,balls,nuts, the male reproductive organ.
"You just got kicked in the dualies"
by TheStein May 30, 2009
The act of displaying the middle finger only on both hands at once.
Check out these dualies, mom!
by Burkizzle January 10, 2006
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