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n. A type of person some futurists expect to experiment in becoming for temporary or indefinite periods of time. With the application of nanotechnology, one's person has the psychological configuration of one sex and the exterior configuration of the opposite sex, while possessing the ability to switch between real male and female genitalia at will with simple thought commands
Tommy: Hey, Seth! Let's become Dual Genitalia Nanotranssexuals tonight. We'll both look and sound like hot girls. And when we're fucking, we can take turns eating each other's pussies, sucking each other's cocks, and cockfucking each other.

Seth: Okay. Why not? This is the male-end solution to the philosophical problem of not knowing what it's like to be a lesbian or what our girlfriends feel when we're fucking them.
by Component X April 03, 2006
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n: with the application of nanotechnology, a person whose psychological configuration is one sex and exterior configuration is the opposite sex, possessing the ability to switch between male and female genitalia at will, with simple thought commands
If I was a female-exterior DGN* fucking another female-exterior DGN, we would eat, pussy fuck, and take turns cock fucking each other!

*DGN >> dual genitalia nanotranssexual
by Component X March 19, 2006
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