did i mention she was indian?
yes nat, 3 times
by duboi lover October 22, 2003
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Formal variant of the word, 'doobie'.
JoeCool: "Hell dude, fire up that DuBois every chance ya get."
GB: "Pf-f-t, pf-f-t... 'ere!"
by Gardner B. December 25, 2005
A huge, black cock grown on a cocktree farm in Texas. Originated form a man lady with a huge niggercock. String instrument players of the larger ilk are known purveyors.

Proof of a Dubois can been seen my the frequent use of the phrase "I'll buy it", and a large 80s-esque mullet.

They are in some cases attachable, for the manwoman on the go.
"Dude, he's (she's) got one hell of a Dubois!"

-"Why does my burt hurt today?"
-"Did you spend last night with a Dubois?"
-"I'll buy it."
by CLOWN IT! July 03, 2010
The act of milking a male prostate with ones tongue.
Jim's du bois technique brought chills down Larry's spine.
by Jim Smith June 06, 2003
Frech origin: It's a last name.

1. It means wood.

2. It means a man of the woods.

3. Refers to a wood worker. You can say a carpenter as such.
Hi Mr. DuBois hows it going!

DuBois, is here lets party.
by Some smart guy February 04, 2010
a small indian girl who got drunk for the first time and ended up with no pants on, fingering herself and pissing whilst swaying slowly to the music
"man i got so wasted on the weekend, but atleast i didnt do a duboi"
by steen tee October 10, 2003
an indian girl who manages to seduce a nazi in the bushes
lucky girl
wears lots of hair clips and a trenchcoat
by i love you doobi October 28, 2003

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