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German slang for "you eat that shit"
Often used as a sexual innuendo concerning oral sex.
Often followed by "das ist fantastisch" "naturally" or words to that extent.
Vassia, du essen die scheiße!.. Das... ist... fantastisch!..
#fantastisch #awesome #shit #eat #naturally
by RedOktober May 25, 2009
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"Du essen die scheiße" A german term, in direct translation you eat that shit, often used as a sexual inuendo


A term used before the initiation of intercourse as a persuasive argument, often followed up, after the or during the act by "das ist fantastisch"


A perfect response to any argument/question or any other attempt of communication
e.g. vassi totaly essen die scheiße

e.g. -What did you get for question 3a?
-Du essen die scheiße!
#fantastisch #vassia #eat #german #response
by cl20 June 03, 2009
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