1. When you have wanked so much that nothing more will come out.
2. When you run so much that your dick goes dry.
3. When you see someone so ugly that you go dry.
Sex addict: Oh shit, I've got Dry-dick!
Normal person: Your dick is fucked.
by Plops McGee December 30, 2010
Top Definition
A guy that thinks he has mad game, ruthlessly hits on women....and yet still never gets laid.
Hence his dick remains dry.
Usually everyone has at least one friend who is a dry dick, if unsure of this just look for these qualitys amongst dudes you chill with:

1) Wears unnecessary gold chains around neck, sometimes fake or tarnished.

2) Bathes in the most foul cologne that has ever graced your nostrils.

3) Eye fucks you from across the bar, then within 5 mins appears at your side casually rubbing against you and wispers in your ear in a creepy marvin gaye voice "mmm gurl, you smell sweet" (insert stupid ass pick up line here)
Oh god, here comes Chad, that dry dick wont ever stop trying to fuck me. You think if I give him $5 to get a blow job from a prostitute, he will leave me alone....?
by Melvin Milf April 25, 2011
to dry dick means to be willing and able but unsuccessful to engage in sexual intercourse. Lit. One's dick has become dry from a lack of sex.
Man, I've been dry dicking it for the last three weeks!

Looking back on that summer, I got a lot done but I was straight dry dicking it the whole time.

Sean acts like he's getting pussy every night, but you know he's doing nothing but dry dicking it!
by ouattw3lp August 09, 2011
(n): As contradictory to "gettin' my dick wet," dry dick refers to lack of having sex.
Example 1: "Damn man, I gots dry dick"
Example 2: "Daaaaamn man, I still gots dry dick"
Example 3: Dude 1: "I'm gettin' my dick wet tonight yo"

Dude 2: "Fuck dude, I still gots the dry dick"
by Mercury Made the Hatter June 06, 2010
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