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some 1 who is a tight cunt who dont part up wid readys when they aint payed for anything 4 bare time
oy drinks r on u tonight

lunchin: ur avin a bubble aint ya

y this is ur hand i done last 1 and bought food

lunchin: so

y u bein a dry lunch 4

lunchin: leave off how am i
by tezeb May 28, 2007
An incredibly irritating person, who has a face that just winds you up for no reason. You feel the need to slap them upside the head but your not quite sure why.
"see you mate, you're a fucking dry lunch"

"God that bloke really winds me up! He's nothing more than a big fat Dry lunch!"
by tanya. a October 23, 2006
When someone just has the type of face which angers you and makes you want to hit them. Usually reffering to a person, but can be shorted down to dry.
Dan: Mate, look at that fucking dry lunch over there
Harry: Oh my god, i just want to punch him
by notsurewhattoputhere January 29, 2011