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The rubbing of ones hard on and another's vagina while wearing clothing which results in orgasm.
I dry humped my boyfriend last night and made the truck shake.
by amber February 13, 2004
to rub one's genitals against someone without penetrating
They where dry humping when the made came in
by The man December 14, 1999
Also know as dry sex. It's the act of having intercourse with ones clothing on. I.E. Underwear. Some teenages seem to think it's safer, but let me tell you they never invented a 100% condom for a reason.
Janie: Oh my god, you guys Chris and I just tired dry sex for the first time!
by SunsetRose June 24, 2004
A small mound located in the heart of any given desert, that the above mentioned camel may be traversing!
The withered camel slowly climbed the dry hump in it's path on it's way into the city.
by Kym December 05, 2003
drahy - huhmp
Verb : dry hump, dry humping, dry humped

A term used in retail to describe an experience where a sales associate spends a considerable amount of time with a customer, and the customer leaves the store without making a purchase.
Manager: "Tyler, you spent over 45 minutes with that customer, and they left empty handed!"

Tyler: "I told her all about that laptop, showed her all the accessories she'd need, told her about the service, hell I even smiled, and she just walked off."

Manager: "Gotta love getting dry humped."

by theSMOOF October 28, 2007
sex or sex-like actions without orgasm
An attractive, perky blonde lap dancer gives many dry humps to customers
by Adam December 20, 2003
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