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The rubbing of ones hard on and another's vagina while wearing clothing which results in orgasm.
I dry humped my boyfriend last night and made the truck shake.
by amber February 13, 2004
When people fuck eachother and rub they'er vag's and penis's together fast with clothes on.
The following people in this dry hump example aren't real.
Sparkle: I'm bored, Fred.
Fred: Me too....
Sparkle: *Rubs Fred's cock from outside of his pants*
Fred: O-oh! *Gets a hard on*
Sparkle: *Grabs Fred's shirt, pulls him on top of her*
Fred: Heh.... *Starts rubbing his hard on against Sparkle's vagina*
Sparkle: Oh! Oh! Uhhhh!
Fred: *Rubbing his hard on harder*
Sparkle: HARDER!! HARDER!!! FASTER!!! UH UH UH!!! *Moans*
Fred: *Rubs his dick harder and faster against Sparkle's vagina*
Sparkle: Oh.... I think I'm going to.... *Cums*
Fred: *Continues*
by Rena_Ryuugu April 13, 2010
To rub genital whith clothes on. Usually done by preteens who think thier bad
Ryan dryhumped his girlfriend
by Michael A Goodrich November 30, 2006
A true dry hump involves taking off all clothes except for one partner's pair of underwear, penetrating as far as the fabric barrier will allow, and doing a sort of hybrid grinding/thrusting motion until the man cums.

Dry humping is mostly commonly associated with teenagers, who either do it because they're scared of the potential consequences of sex or claim to be committed to keeping virginity. Many teenagers perform similar actions with more layers of clothing on, but this is actually considered grinding rather than true dry humping.

Dry humping also takes place among couples, usually when either 1) the mood strikes and there's no condom on hand or 2) the girl is on her period and doesn't want to make a mess. In the former case, the man keeps his underwear on; in the later, the woman does. It can be a pleasurable changeup.
1) "I'm so horny, Kristin." "I know, Michael, but remember our promise rings. We can dry hump but we can't have sex."

2) "I'm so horny, Kristin." "I know, Michael, but now that we're adults who no longer give a shit about our promise rings, you need to remember to bring a condom. We can always dry hump."

3) "I'm so horny, Kristin." "I know, Michael, but I'm on my period. It won't be as messy if we dry hump."
by Tucker_Twat July 05, 2014
The touching of a guy's hard cock agaisnt a girl's wet pussy in a fast humping motion while they have their clothes on.
In school, Sam was wearing a short short skirt and tank top and when Robby saw her they imedalty started to dry hump in the halls. They we so horney that she gave him a long blow job after he ate her out
by BeMyBitch69 November 27, 2010
The action that occurs when a male inadvertently gets an erection in the presence of his other male friends. The man with the erection proceeds to pin down one of his friends, and repeatedly pelvic thrust his erection against the victim's crotch or face. This is done to humiliate and embarrass the victim.
Don: "Dude, I dry humped Ray in front of his friends last week."
by Tooawkward February 01, 2016
Sending a picture message of your junk to a stranger's phone while it is on vibrate mode.
I was bored so I dry humped everybody on page 264 in the phone book.
by Carlos Carlson July 20, 2011
The rubbing of a male's erect penis on a female's clitoris to induce the female to climax while the male does not reach orgasm.
My friend's girlfriend wanted to technically retain her virginity, so he dry humped her last night.
by AlexZ96 June 11, 2009
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