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When you run the shower to conceal that you are taking a shit; however, no actual showering takes place.

This behavior occurs when one's rectal backfiring is in earshot of another person.

Dry Showering is typically exhibited by individuals that are phobic of fart-expression.
I fart really loudly when I drop a deuce and I don't want my girlfriend's mom to hear me. Time for a Dry Shower. She'll NEVER know what I'm really doing in here, heh! heh!
by crazy8888 October 20, 2011
Masturbating in the shower without letting the water touch you
My wife caught me taking a dry shower the other day!
by smutty81 April 16, 2015
An alternative format of showering where one uses copious amounts of deodorant and/or dry shampoo instead of the conventional soap and water. Often used when time restrictions and/or laziness are present.

Effects can be improved by brushing teeth for twice as long also.

Recommended for days when little human contact is made. Staying in dark places and at least 1m from people at all times is suggested.
"I'm about to use the bathroom, do you need it?"
"Nah, I've already showered today"
"Yeah, pretty much, I had a dry shower..."
by Burning Ice Cube January 28, 2014
A sexual act where the female is covered in sand and the male cum's on her and she rubs the sand and sperm all over her vagina. This is absolutely the nastiest thing on the planet, I've done it once with a girl but only because she had a weird fetish for it.
I dry showered my girlfriend, it was gross.
by The joker1337 May 15, 2011
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