To go a period of time without receiving things one wants, due to unavailability or otherwise. May lead to one becoming thirsty.
John: Bruh, I haven't gotten any play in weeks. I'm dry as a bone!
Mark: So, you thirsty then?
John: Naw man, I'm straight.
#thirsty #play #sex #salty #abstain
by MarchingT August 05, 2015
-when your no fun and always be a goody goody
Dam Emily why do you have to be so dry all the time
#salty #no booty #boring #goody goody #type
by 🚫♋️👦🏽 May 18, 2015
When a joke isn't funny, mostly used in the Western suburbs of Sydney, it is generally used to shut someone down and make them feel bad for a joke they made.
Person 1: Why did the scarecrow get promoted?
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: Because he was outstanding in his field
Person 2:DRY
#dry #dryy #drei #dreii #dryyy
by Scott From Telstra™ May 08, 2015
A male or female that cannot hold a conversation ,make shit awkward
Bruh jess dry as fuck all she text is hey and tru
#thot #therm #weak #yeet #squad
by Shup1917 December 18, 2014
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