to be drunk and high (usually on marijuana) at the same time
yo im so dry i just drank a 40 and smoked 3 bowls of pot
by sd December 06, 2004
A combination of drunk and high. You can usually expect the spins afterward depending on how drunk you are.
"I drank a lot last night, and I smoked a lot last night. I was dry as fuck."
by KarateSwan February 06, 2010
You have been masturbating too much and you have hardly any cum left.
Woman: Lets try for a baby
Man: We can't tonight... i'm dry
by TenaciousCameron June 25, 2009
someone or something or some event which is well long and you cant be fucked. e.g. a mission to go get rizla. A person can be long in the sense that they are either boring or just so next and allowable and you cannot be arsed to chat to them. That or they are exceedingly lame.
dry -Yeo. As in that lanky gimp from up north.
by lordbare November 07, 2005
a combination of being drunk and high
dude last night...i wans't totally drunk and i wasn't totally high...i was dry.
by santoast January 31, 2005
Dry Means bad,
Thas dry man, meaning oh thats really bad
by Joe December 08, 2003
to offend someone; to be mean
That's dry!
by charisse/ angeline March 27, 2003

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