Too Make a fool of yourself
Person1: yo imma beat u in air hockey truss it
Person2: mhm sure
*person two scores*
Person2: O DRY!!!
Person1: o damn that was so drii it aint even funny
by Nisha Ashtinder February 25, 2007
An area without a police presence.
2nd street is dry, so I have no fear of arrest when I drag race there.
by Chester McLaughlin May 18, 2005
In Scotland, it's dry if it's not raining. It could have been raining for days on end but as soon as it stops it's classed as being dry.
Look, the rain's stopped. It's dry now.
by Sparky22 May 08, 2005
An insult, or to point out someone else has been insulted or offended, when used in the context:
"Dry in your eye guy!"
by J Hall April 03, 2003
unfortunate; unlucky; lacking; being without something
I have run out of drugs, it's dry.
Your car was stolen? That's dry.
The party was over when we got there, it was dry.
Dryness! (exclamation of disappointment)
by jamie September 22, 2002
The state of being both drunk and high at the same time.
I downed two forties and smoked three blunts at that party; man, I was so dry.
by Magical Majestic Unicorn August 30, 2009
when you are drunk and high
dude#1: hey man nice of you to show up to the party. Are you already drunk?
Dude #2: nah man I'm so dry.
by kerebu2 June 11, 2009

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