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Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) is a process philosophy aimed at reducing duplication, particularly in computing - aka Once and Only Once or Single Point of Truth (SPOT). The principle states that information should not be duplicated, because duplication increases the difficulty of change, may decrease clarity, and leads to opportunities for inconsistency. DRY is a core principle in "The Pragmatic Programmer" by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas.
Why didn't you put that piece of code in a function? DRY!
by JR-Fire September 10, 2007
A joke that is very sarcastic.
Man, that dude's sense of humor is dry as all hell.
by The E December 10, 2005
(acronym) Don't Repeat Yourself.
The documentation for Python's Django framework is rather DRY. But seriously, elimination of code redundancy is a fundamental aspect of the core ethos of the project.
by mycatsarethebest September 04, 2010
unfortunate; unlucky; lacking; being without something
I have run out of drugs, it's dry.
Your car was stolen? That's dry.
The party was over when we got there, it was dry.
Dryness! (exclamation of disappointment)
by jamie September 22, 2002
1). The opposite of being wet.
2). To be exceedingly lame; dry humor
3). A statement made to irritate another person

Example 1).
Toni; Fahhh, it's raining so hard
Steph; Stop bitching, you're clearly dry

Example 2).
Kristine; Yeah, and then, my dog jumped ROFLMAO
Anna; Dry

Example 3).
Joseph; Oi dickhead! Where's my-
Carlos; Dry
Joseph; Don't fuck with me
Carlos; Dry
Joseph; I. Will. Hit. You. Asshole.
Carlos; ... Dry
by doftc April 23, 2009
1. when a girl is not aroused, therefore; dry in her vaginal area.
2. a. when there are no drugs/alcohol/cigarettes available at the time.
b. when a person doesn't have any drugs/alcohol/cigarettes.
1. man, she was so dry it was hard to finger her.
2. a. i can't get a hold of anything. this bumfuck town is so dry.
b. how are we gonna have a party when were so dry?
by eP!c motherfuck. December 04, 2008
You say dry when something isn't funny.
"You're so ugly"
by ShaqAttack. March 25, 2008