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The period of time starting sometime around the end of the Julian month of August and ending a week or two before Christmas -- according to the Tao of Drew, within the chapter regarding the Barkalendar.

The time period's name is derived from the fact that every weekend seems to have some sort of drinking event, holiday, or an excuse to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Holidays include, but are not limited to: Birthdays, Labor Day weekend, Octoberfest, Tankfest, Halloween, Guns 'N Hoses, Thanksgiving, and a spattering of 'holiday' parties.
With Octoberfest, Tankfest, Halloween and then Sunday kickball every weekend, Drunktober is gonna wreck my liver.

It'll be a miracle if I survive Drunktober this year.
by thePhatMan October 21, 2010
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