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Intoxicated comradeship. Any relationship/situation where two or more friends are drunk and having the time of their pathetic lives. Drunkeraderie is typically identified by a small group laughing hysterically at nonsensical stories, told in slurred, incomplete sentences. To some, drunkeraderie is considered juvenile and distasteful. To others it is considered a necessary component to their sanity maintenance regimen. The term Drunkeraderie is the love child of the two words 'Drunken' and 'Camaraderie', in case you hadn't figured that out yet.
Example #1: Look at those young punks, with their loud, obnoxious drunkeraderie. They should be thrown in jail!

Example #2: The voices in my head are telling me I need beer. I'd better initiate some drunkeraderie before they start telling me to kill again.
by jmcrevolution March 18, 2010
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