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An inebriated simian prone to outburst of half-nakedness and coconut-throwing. Inhabitant of Monkey Island. Also prone to outbursts of lucidity.
The Drunken Monkey can be most often found throwing bananas at people.
by Michoira February 23, 2004
When a man is standing up holding a girl upside down doing a 69 and when he ejaculates he releases her droping her onto her head.
I gave my bitch a drunken monkey last nite, knock her out cold
by Alex September 24, 2004
* A Monkey
* Who consumes exssesive amounts of alcohol
* Usualy very amusing to watch
" I'm a drunkenmonkey and even I have the brain power to put a definition in here " :P
by TheDrunkenMonkey March 29, 2004