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Also known as DJWS a state of drunkenness where the first consonant of each word is swapped with the one of the word succeeding it. In cases where one word does not have a consonant to start on the consonant of the word with a consonant is placed at the front of it and left as is. Tends to happen at the end of a sentence perhaps due to the fact the subject becomes overconfident as they haven't jord wumbled the sentence that they are condemned to fuck it up. Often occuring in young intellectuals at party's where alcohol is so bountiful no person can reject getting muntered even if only slightly.
person 1: dude have I ever told you how luch move I have for you?
person 2: holy christ your breath's dehydrating my skin you're so fucked
person 1: my life is oo tawesome. I really shouldn't bitch mo such.
person 2: dude wtf did you just say? I think you have drunken jord wumbling syndrome. Here sit down and blow chunks
by coit105 May 08, 2010
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