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a drinking game involving 2 teams of 2, 2 beer cans per team, and a pong ball.
Game is played on a standard beer pong table. One team is on offense, other defense per round. The team that is on offense has a thrower and chugger. The thrower must throw the pong ball towards the other team's cans (placed together) at the other end of the table and hit them. If it is hit, the chugger then must chug his/her own team's beer (one can at a time). The defending team must chase after the ball, and place the ball in-hand on the table and yell "STOP!" Chugger stops drinking once stop is yelled. Teams alternate turns on offense and defense and team members alternate throwing and chugging. A team wins by killing off all their cans.
best played outdoors, as pong balls can travel very far if hit correctly.
"Hey man, let's go play some drunkball."
"Awesome, let me put some shoes on, last game was intense."
by flyer_rob_10 October 07, 2006
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The capacity of one man, while intoxicated, to talk to/ask out a woman that he would not normally be able to talk to while sober. Usually happens late at night after heavy drinking
Man I was so faded last night I had the drunk balls to ask Alyssa out

drunk balls drunk balls confidence big black dick
by 5th floor mcnary March 13, 2010
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