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When nothing makes sense and you're rolling around on the floor screaming:
Henri got drunk on wine gums.
by GirlSkater February 01, 2004
28 35
Stoned, high, off the wall, drunk.
1. I accidentally killed my neighbor's dog when I got him drunk by giving him Jack Daniels and some other stuff in 1986.

2. Me and a friend got drunk at a Christmas party 10 years ago, we started dancing on the tables and swinging from the chandeliers. My boss was stunned and became p-----d off nuts.

3. What I am planning to do my present-day boss on his birthday and putting a dreadlogs weave on him before sending to the dome in New Orleans in October.
by Saints September 25, 2003
25 32
Bane of the convenience store third shift worker.
God damn it the bar didn't kick them out before two, now I gotta deal with drunk bastards. Fucking bar.
by fucking drunks September 29, 2006
7 15
sleep deprived
I had no sleep last night, I'm drunk.
by hi-dx October 11, 2009
3 13
when you have too much to drink. when my father gets drunk and beats the shit out of my mom and me.
dad got drunk again last night and beat us up.
by brse February 01, 2009
15 27
To be mentally unstable. To make very bad decisions.
Mannn, I was soooo drunk , I shit and pissed my pants.

Dude, you were so drunk you had sex with a cats ass.
by SnatchMasta November 05, 2006
13 25
Verb: The act of when an article of clothing does not or will not fit properly. Or does not fit the way it used to.
"My pants are drunk, they keep falling down."

Karla: Why is your shirt sagging like that?
Amy: Cuz I got it like 3 years ago and now it's drunk.

"Ugh! My sock is drunk and now my shoe keeps eating it!"
by Kendra Peeks October 02, 2008
4 24