To be all shit-faced; noticeably inhibited physically, and mentally. Usually when one is drunk, he does dumb shit such as adding the definition of "drunk" to Urban Dictionary, which takes more than a half an hour to write legibly on his phone, while on the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge, beer in hand.

Dude 1: Yo man i'm gonna go tap that fugly whore over there.

Dude 2: You're drunk.

2.) I'm so drunk that it is taking me an hour to write this.
by Drunken69er February 27, 2014
over drinking:acting different and crazy. telling people your scariest and darkest secrets. loving on all people around you. skipping around like a bunny in a field of daises. trying on thongs and painting your toenails a poop green. eating what ever is in sight. acting like an idiot who doesnt know where they are and couldn't less. singing/yelling baby by justin bieber.
drunk guy: I have told you, that i love you?
Girl: i dont know you
by your moms son February 17, 2013
An excuse for saying whatever you want
Guy: "Damn, you're hot."
Girl: "Thanx."
12 hours Later...
Girl: "Heey. THat was real sweet last night."
Guy: "What was? I don't remember. I was drunk"
(please note: the man was not, in fact, drunk. He just wanted to say something)
by N00berson mcgee November 20, 2010
adj. A thing when usually contemptable hot chicks put out.
Wow that chick is SO Drunk.
by Weston Blum January 14, 2009
By drinking so much beer (or other alchohol) you become the stupidest, clumsiest motherfucking fuckass around!!!! (except the guy that had more to drink than you)
I was so drunk last night!, I have such a hangover
by Kenshen38 December 27, 2014
To be really unconscious and unable to speak by the act if drinking intoxicated beverages ;slurs and may blubber; if you have never been drunk you are either: 1)not socially active or 2) have a really good liver
by jellybear09 March 04, 2014
in a state, where you would do anything that you wouldn't do if you were sober.
Dean: You TOTALLY were drunk.
Sam: How could you tell?
Dean: You were accusing my cat of killing Jerry!!
Sam: okay, maybe i was a LITTLE drunk..
Dean: you completely weren't sober.
by bekahbear April 01, 2012

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