It's my opinion that many of these definitions are written by drunk individuals. Further, as I am now drunk while writing this, I believe that the drunken scholars have always had a place in world discourse.
My ex-wife wouldn't fuck me when drunk. (Ain't that ambiguous who is the horniest?) (Drunkest?) Further, who the fuck do you think is saddest that she started cheating on me in 2004? Cunt!
by William Bingham May 17, 2006
George W Bush
Bush was too drunk to give a speech today.
by Paul August 21, 2003
Intoxicated by alcohol. Preferably not a time to be driving! or making important decisions.. lmao
Pass the rum, I wanna be drunk.
by callinghome November 20, 2004
on of the great place to be, beside weed
i need to go somewhere fun, so i got drunk last night and passed out in a grainery, should have gotten high and ate the grainery
by donaldrunes September 07, 2006
what most people are on the weekend
Dude:im drunk in the club biotch!!!
dude 2: so am i!
Dude 3: awww shit i wanna get drunk to
by dougie fuckin frsh nigga October 21, 2008
an alcoholic that does not attend AA meetings.
"I'm not a alcoholic because i dont go to gay meetings, i'm known as a drunk!"
by phillip mcrackin April 21, 2010
over drinking:acting different and crazy. telling people your scariest and darkest secrets. loving on all people around you. skipping around like a bunny in a field of daises. trying on thongs and painting your toenails a poop green. eating what ever is in sight. acting like an idiot who doesnt know where they are and couldn't less. singing/yelling baby by justin bieber.
drunk guy: I have told you, that i love you?
Girl: i dont know you
by your moms son February 17, 2013

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