someone that funneled 16 beers and an unknown amount of tequilla and then stands up and falls face first into the floor...then gets humped by "unknown"
i got drunk and puked on someones feet at a bar.
by mb71385 October 02, 2006
The inbetween stage of "tipsy" and "messy".

Not the past tense of "to drink".
-"I got so drunk last night but it wasn't so messy that I threw up or snogged some random."

-"I drunk so much alcohol at the weekend I had to be taken home in an ambulance."
-"Don't you mean "drank"?"
by sophieglitterwhip February 02, 2008
Normal operating condition. Several stages before being as pissed as a mattress.Still capable of most motor functions. Beer GPS not yet disabled. Low probability of self inflicted damage. Unlikely to become MPP. High possibility of continuing to {multiple} skanky bars in hi-jacked taxis. Waking routine normal.
"Not as pissed as a mattress, only a tad drunk"
"Drunk, fuck - no"
"Only one and a half bottles of gin, of course a bit drunk"
"No, I'm not drunk, it's called lateral thinking"
"I am drunk. Pass the bottle!"
by Taipei toecutter May 30, 2006
You're not drunk until you're not conscious....
He is not drunk
Who from the floor
Can rise and drink once more
But he is drunk
Who prostrate lies
Can neither drink
Nor rise
by thatsmrweedman2u June 07, 2006
The stage between drunk and plastered in which a person has become fully intoxicated but still has enough mental capacity to get his/her pants down before taking a leak.
- I got drunk last night
- You were past that. You were d-runk.
by dysfunction December 10, 2004
a state of NIRVANA caused by alcohol.
I'm so drunk I can't lie down with out holding on and i'm loving every minute of it.
by n333m September 05, 2005
When you fall over when trying to brush your teeth.
Haha he/she fell over, they are drunk.
by Bob_carter2 December 31, 2009
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