when you have to close one eye to keep people from splitting in two.
You just drank a boot full of alcohol, you should be drunk or dead, so you decide it's a good idea to hit on that seven which is now a nine. To keep from falling over and or vomiting you close one eye to keep that nine from becoming an 18.
by Paul Flora March 31, 2008
Intoxicated with alcoholic liquor to the point of impairment of physical and mental faculties.
Caused or influenced by intoxication.
That nigga is actin wack, yo he done had one to many king cobra 40's yeah that niggas drunk.
by Supra March 18, 2003
a state of being that one can only hope to constantly attain
The SAT's would be alot easier if I was drunk.
by Justin Wallace May 13, 2004
Someone who drinks as much as an alcoholic but doesnt having a problem
Person 1. You bloody alcoholic.
Person 2. Im not an alcoholic, im a drunk. Alcoholics goto meetings.
by Nastas May 31, 2006
an acquaintance,usually a family member who can`t function w/or without a drink.
A person with a disease Known as alcoholism.An every day routine that is socially unacceptable.
MOM!How come DAD always pisses in the refridgerater when he staggers home at 2 AM?
by spikemiester45036 August 15, 2003
There are several stages of drunkness.

1. Happy- The only reason you feel anything at all is because you're glad that you're beginning your alcohol binge.

2. Tipsy- Your first shot has taken effect. You feel as though you may "tip" over.

3. Buzzed- A slight pressure inside your head. You feel as though you can walk up to anyone in the bar and take them home tonight.

4. Drunk (aka sloshed)- Your limbs have stopped working the way you want them to. Speech slurred. You may also feel a sloshing feeling from the alcohol contents in your stomach.

5. Hammered- You're sitting on the floor of the club wondering how you got there. By now, the pressure in your head has elevated to a hammering feeling.

6. All fucked up- You have reached the trifecta of alcohol consumption! To reach this state, you probably have mixed your beers, wines, and liquors. Congratulations!

7. So drunk you act sober again- Rinse and repeat.
Liz and Kari on the Fourth of July, sneaking rum inside their diet cokes while the kids were in the pool, were drunk.
by KizNousa July 08, 2010
What i am right now its kinda like i dont give a shit about anything wow im not depressed anymore whooo.
I just dont give a shit man.
by stewfoo January 15, 2005
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