An excuse for saying whatever you want
Guy: "Damn, you're hot."
Girl: "Thanx."
12 hours Later...
Girl: "Heey. THat was real sweet last night."
Guy: "What was? I don't remember. I was drunk"
(please note: the man was not, in fact, drunk. He just wanted to say something)
by N00berson mcgee November 20, 2010
When you fall over when trying to brush your teeth.
Haha he/she fell over, they are drunk.
by Bob_carter2 December 31, 2009
An insult given when after a drinker points out to a non-drinker their skewed logic.

Entering the kitchen and pouring a glass of wine to steady the nerves for the inevitable enslaught after a day of work: "You know I don't think it'd be a good idea if we got married right now. We don't make enough money and we have too many differences between us. This hurts me to say as much as you but it needs to be addressed."

"You're drunk."

After a big sigh. "Fine, then you don't need to marry me. Now get out of my house because I am about to really get drunk, but in the morning I shall be single and sober."
by LibraLady105 March 19, 2008
Bane of the convenience store third shift clerk.
God damn it the bar didn't kick them out before two, now I gotta deal with drunk bastards. Fucking bar.
by fucking drunks September 29, 2006
Pronounced Deeeerrrunk.
Man I drank 8 forty´s, I´m so D-Runk
by HrefnaHalli August 24, 2009
A word defining a person who had consume too much alcohol.
Many people act in different ways when drunk.
girl 1: mannn i was so drunkk last night i was in and out of Blackouts.
girl 2: ya you were acting crazy.
girl 1: like what
girl 2: first you were laughing inslanley let everyone no what was on your mind and fuck some guy
by xflyx February 13, 2008
Dr. Unk or one who is drunk... :)
Dr. Unk is a lush...
by Sailing_Gator June 08, 2009
It's my opinion that many of these definitions are written by drunk individuals. Further, as I am now drunk while writing this, I believe that the drunken scholars have always had a place in world discourse.
My ex-wife wouldn't fuck me when drunk. (Ain't that ambiguous who is the horniest?) (Drunkest?) Further, who the fuck do you think is saddest that she started cheating on me in 2004? Cunt!
by William Bingham May 17, 2006

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