Verb: The act of when an article of clothing does not or will not fit properly. Or does not fit the way it used to.
"My pants are drunk, they keep falling down."

Karla: Why is your shirt sagging like that?
Amy: Cuz I got it like 3 years ago and now it's drunk.

"Ugh! My sock is drunk and now my shoe keeps eating it!"
by Kendra Peeks October 02, 2008
the past tense of the verb drink--- not really. only in slang.
She drunk herself silly...
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
Insult; a person of the Irish nationality
Shut up you dumb drunk
by Tewpac & Kevinem December 11, 2004
when u so damn stupid u dont kno wut ur talkin about or wut ur doin b/c ur so full os alcohol.
i was so damn drunk i was tellin him to 'fu*k me fu*k me fu*k me'.
by tay September 10, 2003
An alcoholic. Often describes an old tramp, typically associated with alcohol addiction.
They found an old drunk lying in the road
by zimo August 16, 2004
A gimped version of high.
Unlike being drunk, you don't throw up the morning after you get high.
by hmn June 13, 2004
D.R.U.N.K = Drinking Relaxes Unborn Neurotic Kids
Look at that D.R.U.N.K!
by Visual September 26, 2003
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