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1. n. A drummer, usually in a pep band, who holds a seemingly never-ending monopoly on the drumset when there are other drummers who wish to play drumset as well. They often hog the drumset until someone physically removes them from it. Also referred to as "drumset whore" and "drumslut".

2. n. One who dates people based only upon their ability to play drums.

3. n. One who spends ridiculous amounts of time playing and practicing on the drums.
"Dude, get off the drumset so I can play. You're such a drumwhore."

"Why is she dating him? He's got nothing going for him except he can play drums. She's such a drumwhore."

"He practices 5 hours a day?! What a drumwhore!"
by welsknight January 03, 2009
9 1
one usually a girl who always goes after and/or dates drummers.
"dude, that girl dates all the drummers. what a drum-whore"
by Yentihs March 09, 2008
14 5