The nasty textured and oftentimes very dry shit you take the morning after a night of drinking due to alcohol forcing all the shit down your system and dehydration drying out the turds;

1: Dude I had an entire 12 pack last night, my stomach is killing me today.
2: Did you take your drump this morning?
1: No, but its probably going to smell like beer and Taco Bell and squeeze out like frozen cookie dough
by byscuit January 23, 2011
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A word that has absolutely no meaning. When used correctly, is a good silence breaker.

When said as a silence breaker, add more emphasis on the "rump".
Adam: Hey everyone, meet Laura. Laura is an abortionist.


James: Drump.
by Ralph Rottenburgh August 06, 2008
to dry hump
I wanted to drump that skank all night at the dance.
by treats9q23874 September 06, 2009
The time-honored tradition of practicing the Drums whilst sitting on the Toilet. Whether you are taking a #1, #2, or none of the above is up to you.

Note: This act requires that you first set up a drum set around your Crapper.
What's all the commotion?

Oh, that's just Travis. He's taking a Drump
by bogdog8921 November 21, 2010
When you poop while drunk. It's pretty smooth but you hear the sounds of the party and that makes you want to speed up. Combo of drunk and dump.
I was drumping as fast as I could but I still missed David's hair catching fire.
by Al_Tal August 13, 2011
When one is unfortunately obligated to take a dump while drunk.
Last night at the bar I was getting wasted with these sluts but then I got the drumps. Ruined my night.
by RadadooFor2 April 12, 2011
when you sit on the toilet and the whole dump drops at once and it makes that "drump" sound.

Sometimes when your rushing a drump, It can be an accidental side effect.
Can also be referred to as "Taking a drump. I'll be right back!"
by drump'n it up January 19, 2011

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