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The nasty textured and oftentimes very dry shit you take the morning after a night of drinking due to alcohol forcing all the shit down your system and dehydration drying out the turds;

1: Dude I had an entire 12 pack last night, my stomach is killing me today.
2: Did you take your drump this morning?
1: No, but its probably going to smell like beer and Taco Bell and squeeze out like frozen cookie dough
by byscuit January 23, 2011
4 3
A word that has absolutely no meaning. When used correctly, is a good silence breaker.

When said as a silence breaker, add more emphasis on the "rump".
Adam: Hey everyone, meet Laura. Laura is an abortionist.


James: Drump.
by Ralph Rottenburgh August 06, 2008
37 10
to dry hump
I wanted to drump that skank all night at the dance.
by treats9q23874 September 06, 2009
16 5
The time-honored tradition of practicing the Drums whilst sitting on the Toilet. Whether you are taking a #1, #2, or none of the above is up to you.

Note: This act requires that you first set up a drum set around your Crapper.
What's all the commotion?

Oh, that's just Travis. He's taking a Drump
by bogdog8921 November 21, 2010
14 5
When you poop while drunk. It's pretty smooth but you hear the sounds of the party and that makes you want to speed up. Combo of drunk and dump.
I was drumping as fast as I could but I still missed David's hair catching fire.
by Al_Tal August 13, 2011
8 3
When one is unfortunately obligated to take a dump while drunk.
Last night at the bar I was getting wasted with these sluts but then I got the drumps. Ruined my night.
by RadadooFor2 April 12, 2011
6 4
when you sit on the toilet and the whole dump drops at once and it makes that "drump" sound.

Sometimes when your rushing a drump, It can be an accidental side effect.
Can also be referred to as "Taking a drump. I'll be right back!"
by drump'n it up January 19, 2011
1 1