The fastest and best subgenre of any kind of techno music! Nothing can match up with it. It was most popular and I believe it was common in New York nightclubs, such as Limelight, Tunnel, etc. Can also be found in Grand Theft Auto games on the MSX station. You can find a collection of it in Moving Shadow Cds. Artists include Omni Trio, Calyx, Dom and Roland, etc.

Go listen to drum and bass. Some of the best music ever! And it sucks they don't make music like it anymore.
The Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, and Felix da Housecat got nothing on Drum and Bass!!
by Bigfootbelva13 August 20, 2009
The greatest of club music, something that gets you moving around, although some who have ingested too many drugs look like they have a special case of down syndrome. Slower stuff good to chill to.
I'm gonna rinse that dnb out proppah

DnB is killah

Look at all the fkn hotties at this dnb mash up
by BouncerBunny April 08, 2005
Mindless computer generated noise listened to by drugged up, hoodie wearing thieving idiots. No being that likes this sort of noise ever purchases a CD, instead they steal it from the local supermarket along with razors, alcohol and anything they can sell down the local public house to buy money for drugs.
drum and bass + tone deaf = lack of brain
by Jonthemon June 21, 2007
Mindless noise.

This noise is created by repetitions of patterns, these are used primarily to not scare the listener (whom has usually ingested some sort of contra-ban)
no example specified
by Burkey March 17, 2005

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