A man that parades around the beach sporting a parade baton in his speedo swim trunks.
Jeeze check out the drum major over there he almost poked me in the eye with his parade baton
by Steev3d October 02, 2014
If the director is the god of the band, then the drum major is his jesus. Always a senior who was usually mistreated as a freshman and takes it out on the freshies in the band, but is generally a cool cat to everyone else.

Despite the name, most drum majors actually play trumpet, because playing lead trumpet requires the most musical ability and leadership skills (I was the first low brass player at my school to be drum major ever)
When I was drum major, I told all the freshmen that BFMT ('bout face mark time) in the field show diagrams stood for backflip mark time, because when I was in 9th grade I was told that by seniors.
by mat_el_sexy_band_geek March 25, 2008
Person that conducts a Marching Band of sorts. This highly regarded individual is thought of as keeping the band together as they perform for an audience, when in reality, about 95% of the band is listening to the drumline who are in fact the true conductors of a band. If the band and the drumline are not together in the music everything thing will in short, go to hell. Hence, no one is really watching the drum major as they perform because as we all know, they lack the basic music fundamentals of tempo and time once they step up onto their pedestal.
Freshman Band Member: Hey, which Drum Major should I watch as we march?
Veteran Member: Fuck that shit. Just listen back to the drums.
by Larrence September 12, 2005
The last fart let before the person decides to go take a crap. The Drum Major is so named, because it leads the parade of feces out of the colon, as a Drum Major would lead the band in a parade down the street.
Innocent bystander: "Man, that fart smelled TERRIBLE! Was that you?"

Guilty party: "Yeah, that was the Drum Major. Guess I'll go take a crap."
by PilotBoboe January 15, 2009
a selected person/few people who think they are God's gift to the band. They walk around the band room talking to the band director about "highly" important matters. They talk to other band members occasionally, but only if they have a special status, other band members are too lowly to talk to them. They also enjoy flaunting their reputation in any way possible. But when it all boils down, are not at all important because no one really watches them anyways.
Dan: I'm a drum major
Band student: why the freak would you want to be that
Dan: because Im cool
Band Student: u suck
Dan: oh yeah!? I'll have to talk to Mr. Band director about you!!
Band Student: oh yeah?!?! Your momma!!
Dan: *runs off crying*
by Clarissa July 31, 2004
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