Idiot, halfwit, someone who has just fucked up.
Your a drongo mate!
by louis October 18, 2001
Bone-idle, Butt-Brained students studying computing at UCE
Look, these drongos have got less marks in the resit than they did last time.

by Professor Wombat June 12, 2003
A dirty, rv-living, dreadlocked person that works at a Christmas tree lot.
Get that drongo to tie the Tree on the car.
by Gingerbeeb December 01, 2013
Anyone who does three or more of the following:

-Wears a full length leather trench coat.

-Sports long greasy hair with a middle parting.

-Extends the straps on their backpack to maximum length.

-Covers their face with outrageous piercings whilst still having to wear prescription spectacles.

-Listens to thrash metal.

-Has plenty of time to lace up a pair of knee-high goth boots, but not enough to spray themselves with deodorant.
"I hope my kid never grows up to be like that drongo. What a waste of life."
by fhjek February 18, 2010
A stupid person, especially an Australian.
G'day mate, you're a drongo!
by Chris March 26, 2003

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